Grad Photos:
**a $25 non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking**
- Option 1 ($200): 1hr shoot, 1 location, 40 fully edited images
- Option 2 ($250): 2hr shoot, up to 2 locations, 60 fully edited images
Individual + Group (2 or more):
- $150 per person for first 2 people, $100 for each additional person: 1 location, 30 individual photos, 15 group photos
Group Only (2 or more):
-  $100: includes 15 fully edited images
Organization-related Events:
**a $25 non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking**
Group Headshots/Photos:
- $100 per hour, 5 photos per member, 6-10 members per hour
- starting at $100 per hour, contact for number of photos per hour
Individual Headshots:
**payment is due at time of booking**
- $25 for 30 minute session, 7-10 photos will be received
Portraits (Non-Grad):*
**a $25 non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking**
Option 1:
- $100 for 1hr session, ~20 photos will be received
Option 2:
- $150 for 1.5 session, ~35 photos will be received
**a $50 non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking**
- reach out via the contact button so we can discuss your needs
Film: $25 per roll, will receive all 24/36 photos

*Note: If you want a studio session with any of these packages, please reach out prior to booking so I can work on scheduling
What is the process of booking with you?
- Typically, the process is as follows: a potential client reaches out with their needs/what package they are interested in, I follow up in 48-72 business hours with accepting the date/time along with the contract and invoice which will include the break down of costs and terms and conditions, IN ORDER FOR YOUR BOOKING TO BE CONFIRMED, you must send back the contract signed with the deposit at least two weeks before (for non-wedding bookings). The total timeline for the process should be at maximum one week.
How long is the turn around time for photos?
- The current turn-around time is 1-2 weeks for non-wedding related; wedding-related work has a turn around time of 3-4 weeks. There is an option to rush for 3-4 days for an extra charge. I am a full time student so sometimes, things will fall behind; however, the description in the contract is what will be followed.
Do you send raw images?
- No, editing is a huge part of the creative process on my end and sets my photography apart.
How do you receive the photos?
- You will receive the photos through a client gallery service called Pixieset. The link with edited photos will be sent to the Point of Contact's (POC) email and can be distributed to other from their portal. The photos themselves are password-protected from downloads.
What does the typical contract look like?
- Click the button below to see a copy; rarely do I deviate from this contract, besides the return date being 1-2 weeks and this is expected to be signed along with the deposit. 
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